confused; dizzy; giddy; to faint; to swoon; to lose consciousness; to pass out

dizzy; halo; ring around moon or sun

strokes 13
strokes after radical 9
耳源性眩晕 耳源性眩暈 er3 yuan2 xing4 xuan4 yun4
aural vertigo

发晕 發暈 fa1 yun1
to feel dizzy

光晕 光暈 guang1 yun4
halo; (photography) halation

红晕 紅暈 hong2 yun4
to blush; to flush red

迷晕 迷暈 mi2 yun1
to knock sb out with a drug; to render sb unconscious

日月晕 日月暈 ri4 yue4 yun4
halo; ring of light around the sun or moon

乳晕 乳暈 ru3 yun4
mammary areola

头昏目晕 頭昏目暈 tou2 hun1 mu4 yun1
(idiom) dizzy and faint; to faint and see stars

头昏眼晕 頭昏眼暈 tou2 hun1 yan3 yun1
head spinning and blurred vision; giddy; in a faint

头晕 頭暈 tou2 yun1

头晕目眩 頭暈目眩 tou2 yun1 mu4 xuan4
to have a dizzy spell; dazzled

头晕脑涨 頭暈腦漲 tou2 yun1 nao3 zhang4
variant of 頭暈腦脹|头晕脑胀

头晕脑胀 頭暈腦脹 tou2 yun1 nao3 zhang4
dizzy and light-headed

头晕眼花 頭暈眼花 tou2 yun1 yan3 hua1
to faint with blurred vision (idiom); dizzy and eyes dimmed

血晕 血暈 xie3 yun4
bruise; pale red

眩晕 眩暈 xuan4 yun4
vertigo; dizziness; fainting; feeling of swaying, head spinning, lack of balance or floating (e.g. from a stroke); Taiwan pr.

血晕 血暈 xue4 yun4
coma caused by loss of blood; fainting at the sight of blood; Taiwan pr.

眼晕 眼暈 yan3 yun4
to feel dizzy

要晕 要暈 yao1 yun1
confused; dazed

圆晕 圓暈 yuan2 yun4
concentric circles; circular ripples

月晕 月暈 yue4 yun4
ring around the moon; lunar halo

晕倒 暈倒 yun1 dao3
to faint; to swoon; to black out; to become unconscious

晕糊 暈糊 yun1 hu5
dizzy; giddy

晕乎 暈乎 yun1 hu5
dizzy; giddy

晕厥 暈厥 yun1 jue2
to faint

晕死 暈死 yun1 si3
Geez!; Shoot!; No way!

晕头 暈頭 yun1 tou2

晕头转向 暈頭轉向 yun1 tou2 zhuan4 xiang4
confused and disoriented

晕眩 暈眩 yun1 xuan4
to feel dizzy; dizziness

晕场 暈場 yun4 chang3
to faint from stress (during exam, on stage etc)

晕车 暈車 yun4 che1
to be carsick

晕池 暈池 yun4 chi2
to faint in the bathroom (from heat)

晕船 暈船 yun4 chuan2
to become seasick

晕高儿 暈高兒 yun4 gao1 er5
to feel giddy on heights; vertigo

晕机 暈機 yun4 ji1
to become airsick

晕染 暈染 yun4 ran3
to smudge (become smeared); to smudge (create a blurred effect); shading (wash painting technique)

晕血 暈血 yun4 xue4
to feel sick when seeing blood

晕血症 暈血症 yun4 xue4 zheng4
blood phobia

晕针 暈針 yun4 zhen1
to faint during acupuncture or injection

周围性眩晕 周圍性眩暈 zhou1 wei2 xing4 xuan4 yun4
peripheral vertigo