to broil; to roast

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
焦炙 焦炙 jiao1 zhi4
to scorch; to burn to charcoal; sick with worry

烤炙 烤炙 kao3 zhi4
to scorch; (of the sun) to beat down on

脍炙人口 膾炙人口 kuai4 zhi4 ren2 kou3
appealing to the masses; universally appreciated (idiom)

腩炙 腩炙 nan3 zhi4
stewed brisket

亲炙 親炙 qin1 zhi4
to be enlightened by direct contact with sb

炙酷 炙酷 zhi4 ku4
torrid weather

炙手可热 炙手可熱 zhi4 shou3 ke3 re4
lit. burn your hand, feel the heat (idiom); fig. arrogance of the powerful; a mighty figure no-one dares approach; hot (exciting or in favor)