to drop; to fall; to come down; to descend

to surrender; to capitulate; to subdue; to tame

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
贬降 貶降 bian3 jiang4
to demote

沉降 沉降 chen2 jiang4
to subside; to cave in; subsidence

从天而降 從天而降 cong2 tian1 er2 jiang4
lit. to drop from the sky (idiom); fig. to appear unexpectedly; to arise abruptly; out of the blue; to drop into one's lap

递降 遞降 di4 jiang4
to go down by degrees; progressively decreasing

反空降 反空降 fan3 kong1 jiang4
anti-aircraft defense

防暑降温 防暑降溫 fang2 shu3 jiang4 wen1
to prevent heatstroke and reduce temperature

红细胞沉降率 紅細胞沉降率 hong2 xi4 bao1 chen2 jiang4 lv4
erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

缓降 緩降 huan3 jiang4
to decrease gradually; to descend gradually

缓降器 緩降器 huan3 jiang4 qi4
cable reel and harness used to lower oneself to safety (e.g. from a building on fire)

降尘 降塵 jiang4 chen2
dust fall; fallout (volcanic, nuclear etc); particulate matter

降低 降低 jiang4 di1
to reduce; to lower; to bring down

降低利率 降低利率 jiang4 di1 li4 lv4
to reduce interest rates

降调 降調 jiang4 diao4
falling intonation (linguistics); to lower the key of a tune; to demote

降幅 降幅 jiang4 fu2
degree of reduction (in prices, numbers etc); decline; drop

降福 降福 jiang4 fu2
blessings from heaven

降格 降格 jiang4 ge2
to downgrade; to lower the standard; degrading; humiliating

降号 降號 jiang4 hao4
(music) flat (♭)

降火 降火 jiang4 huo3
to decrease internal heat (Chinese medicine)

降级 降級 jiang4 ji2
to demote; to relegate; to degrade

降价 降價 jiang4 jia4
to cut the price; to drive down the price; to get cheaper

降结肠 降結腸 jiang4 jie2 chang2
descending colon (anatomy); third section of large intestine

降解 降解 jiang4 jie3
(chemistry) degradation; to degrade

降临 降臨 jiang4 lin2
to descend; to arrive; to come

降临节 降臨節 jiang4 lin2 jie2
Advent (Christian period of 4 weeks before Christmas)

降落 降落 jiang4 luo4
to descend; to land

降落地点 降落地點 jiang4 luo4 di4 dian3
landing site

降落跑道 降落跑道 jiang4 luo4 pao3 dao4
runway (at airport)

降落伞 降落傘 jiang4 luo4 san3

降旗 降旗 jiang4 qi2
to lower a flag; to strike the colors

降肾上腺素 降腎上腺素 jiang4 shen4 shang4 xian4 su4

降生 降生 jiang4 sheng1
to be born; arrival of newborn; birth (of a savior or religious leader)

降世 降世 jiang4 shi4
lit. to descend to earth (of an immortal); to be born

降水 降水 jiang4 shui3
rain and snow; precipitation (meteorology)

降水量 降水量 jiang4 shui3 liang4
precipitation (meteorology); measured quantity of rain

降温 降溫 jiang4 wen1
to become cooler; to lower the temperature; cooling; (of interest, activity etc) to decline

降温费 降溫費 jiang4 wen1 fei4
extra pay for hot weather

降息 降息 jiang4 xi1
to lower interest rates

降下 降下 jiang4 xia4
to fall; to drop

降序 降序 jiang4 xu4
descending order

降雪 降雪 jiang4 xue3
to snow; snowfall

降血钙素 降血鈣素 jiang4 xue4 gai4 su4

降血压药 降血壓藥 jiang4 xue4 ya1 yao4
antihypertensive drug

降压 降壓 jiang4 ya1
to reduce the pressure (of a fluid); to lower one's blood pressure; to lower (or step down) the voltage

降雨 降雨 jiang4 yu3
precipitation; rainfall

降雨量 降雨量 jiang4 yu3 liang4
precipitation; quantity of rainfall

降噪 降噪 jiang4 zao4
noise reduction

降职 降職 jiang4 zhi2
to demote (to a lower rank)

降祉 降祉 jiang4 zhi3
to send down blessings from heaven

降旨 降旨 jiang4 zhi3
to issue an imperial edict

空降 空降 kong1 jiang4

空降兵 空降兵 kong1 jiang4 bing1

纳降 納降 na4 xiang2
to surrender; to accept defeat

迫降 迫降 po4 jiang4
to force a plane to land

迫降 迫降 po4 xiang2
to force sb to surrender

普降 普降 pu3 jiang4
precipitation over a large area; widespread rain

起降 起降 qi3 jiang4
(of aircraft) to take off and land

伞降 傘降 san3 jiang4
to parachute into; parachuting

升降 昇降 sheng1 jiang4
rising and lowering

升降机 升降機 sheng1 jiang4 ji1
aerial work platform (e.g. cherry picker or scissor lift); lift; elevator

生物降解 生物降解 sheng1 wu4 jiang4 jie3

圣灵降临 聖靈降臨 sheng4 ling2 jiang4 lin2

圣神降临 聖神降臨 sheng4 shen2 jiang4 lin2
Whit Sunday (Christian Festival celebrating the Holy Spirit)

圣神降临周 聖神降臨週 sheng4 shen2 jiang4 lin2 zhou1

势降 勢降 shi4 jiang4
potential drop (elec.)

誓死不降 誓死不降 shi4 si3 bu4 xiang2
to vow to fight to the death

受降 受降 shou4 xiang2
to accept surrender

受降仪式 受降儀式 shou4 xiang2 yi2 shi4
a surrender ceremony

霜降 霜降 shuang1 jiang4
Shuangjiang or Frost Descends, 18th of the 24 solar terms 二十四節氣|二十四节气 23rd October-6th November

调降 調降 tiao2 jiang4
(Tw) to lower (prices, interest rates etc); to reduce; to cut

投降 投降 tou2 xiang2
to surrender; surrender

无条件投降 無條件投降 wu2 tiao2 jian4 tou2 xiang2
unconditional surrender

喜从天降 喜從天降 xi3 cong2 tian1 jiang4
joy from heaven (idiom); overjoyed at unexpected good news; unlooked-for happy event

下降 下降 xia4 jiang4
to decline; to drop; to fall; to go down; to decrease

降伏 降伏 xiang2 fu2
to subdue; to vanquish; to tame

降服 降服 xiang2 fu2
to yield; to surrender

降将 降將 xiang2 jiang4
surrendered enemy general

降龙伏虎 降龍伏虎 xiang2 long2 fu2 hu3
to vanquish dragons and tigers (idiom)

降妖 降妖 xiang2 yao1
to subdue monsters

耶稣降临节 耶穌降臨節 ye1 su1 jiang4 lin2 jie2
Advent (Christian period of 4 weeks before Christmas)

夜幕降临 夜幕降臨 ye4 mu4 jiang4 lin2

一物降一物 一物降一物 yi1 wu4 xiang2 yi1 wu4
lit. one object bests another object; every item has a weakness (idiom); there is a rock to every scissor, a scissor to every paper, and a paper to every rock

以降 以降 yi3 jiang4
since (some point in the past)

抑扬升降性 抑揚昇降性 yi4 yang2 sheng1 jiang4 xing4
property of rising and lowering

诈降 詐降 zha4 xiang2
feigned surrender

招降纳叛 招降納叛 zhao1 xiang2 na4 pan4
to recruit surrendered enemy and deserters (idiom); to gather together a gang of villains

骤降 驟降 zhou4 jiang4
to fall rapidly; to plummet

自由降落 自由降落 zi4 you2 jiang4 luo4
free fall

坐降落伞 坐降落傘 zuo4 jiang4 luo4 san3
to do a parachute jump