deity; soul; spirit; unusual; mysterious; lively; expressive; expression; look; (slang) awesome; amazing

God; abbr. for 神舟

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
爱神 愛神 ai4 shen2
god of love

安神 安神 an1 shen2
to calm (soothe) the nerves; to relieve uneasiness of body and mind

暗黑破坏神 暗黑破壞神 an4 hei1 po4 huai4 shen2
Diablo (video game series)

八仙过海,各显神通 八仙過海,各顯神通 ba1 xian1 guo4 hai3 - ge4 xian3 shen2 tong1
lit. the Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing his own special talent (idiom); fig. (of each individual in a group) to give full play to one's unique capabilities

保护神 保護神 bao3 hu4 shen2
patron saint; guardian angel

兵贵神速 兵貴神速 bing1 gui4 shen2 su4
lit. speed is a crucial asset in war (idiom); fig. swift and resolute (in doing sth)

不怕神一样的对手,就怕猪一样的队友 不怕神一樣的對手,就怕豬一樣的隊友 bu4 pa4 shen2 yi1 yang4 de5 dui4 shou3 - jiu4 pa4 zhu1 yi1 yang4 de5 dui4 you3
a boneheaded teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent (idiom)

财神 財神 cai2 shen2
god of wealth

财神爷 財神爺 cai2 shen2 ye2
god of wealth; very wealthy man

操神 操神 cao1 shen2
to worry about; to look after; to take care of

超泛神论 超泛神論 chao1 fan4 shen2 lun4
panentheism, theological theory of God as equal to the Universe while transcending it

酬神 酬神 chou2 shen2
to offer thanks to the gods

出神 出神 chu1 shen2
spellbound; entranced; lost in thought

出神入化 出神入化 chu1 shen2 ru4 hua4
to reach perfection (idiom); a superb artistic achievement

出神音乐 出神音樂 chu1 shen2 yin1 yue4
trance (music genre)

传出神经 傳出神經 chuan2 chu1 shen2 jing1
efferent nerve (transmitting out from the brain); efferent neuron; motor nerve

传入神经 傳入神經 chuan2 ru4 shen2 jing1
afferent nerve (transmitting in to the brain); afferent neuron

传神 傳神 chuan2 shen2
vivid; lifelike

创新精神 創新精神 chuang4 xin1 jing1 shen2

创业精神 創業精神 chuang4 ye4 jing1 shen2
enterprising spirit; pioneering spirit

大力神 大力神 da4 li4 shen2

大神 大神 da4 shen2
deity; (Internet slang) guru; expert; whiz

大显神通 大顯神通 da4 xian3 shen2 tong1
to display one's remarkable skill or prowess; to give full play to one's brilliant abilities

定海神针 定海神針 ding4 hai3 shen2 zhen1
another name for 金箍棒; (fig.) stabilizing force

定神 定神 ding4 shen2
to compose oneself; to concentrate one's attention

抖擞精神 抖擻精神 dou3 sou3 jing1 shen2
to gather one's spirits; to pull oneself together

多神教 多神教 duo1 shen2 jiao4
polytheism, belief in the existence of many gods

多神论 多神論 duo1 shen2 lun4
polytheism (belief in a plurality of Deities)

多神论者 多神論者 duo1 shen2 lun4 zhe3
polytheist (believer in a plurality of Deities)

軃神 軃神 duo3 shen2
frivolous youth (dialect)

恶神 惡神 e4 shen2
malignant deity; fiend

二郎神 二郎神 er4 lang2 shen2
Erlangshen, Chinese deity

发神经 發神經 fa1 shen2 jing1
(coll.) to go crazy; to lose it; demented; unhinged

饭后一支烟,赛过活神仙 飯後一支煙,賽過活神仙 fan4 hou4 yi1 zhi1 yan1 - sai4 guo4 huo2 shen2 xian1
have a smoke after each meal and you will surpass the immortals (proverb)

泛神论 泛神論 fan4 shen2 lun4
pantheism, theological theory equating God with the Universe

泛自然神论 泛自然神論 fan4 zi4 ran2 shen2 lun4
pandeism, theological theory that God created the Universe and became one with it

费神 費神 fei4 shen2
to spend effort; to take trouble; May I trouble you to...? (as part of polite request); Please would you mind...?

分神 分神 fen1 shen2
to give attention to sth; please give (some of your valuable) attention to my task; to be distracted

焚香敬神 焚香敬神 fen2 xiang1 jing4 shen2
to burn incense in prayer to a God

封神榜 封神榜 feng1 shen2 bang3
Investiture of the Gods, major Ming dynasty vernacular novel of mythology and fantasy, very loosely based on King Wu of Zhou's 周武王 overthrow of the Shang, subsequent material for opera, film, TV series, computer games etc

封神演义 封神演義 feng1 shen2 yan3 yi4
Investiture of the Gods, major Ming dynasty vernacular novel of mythology and fantasy, very loosely based on King Wu of Zhou's 周武王 overthrow of the Shang, subsequent material for opera, film, TV series, computer games etc

奉若神明 奉若神明 feng4 ruo4 shen2 ming2
to honor sb as a God (idiom); to revere; to worship; to deify; to make a holy cow of sth; to put sb on a pedestal

谷神 穀神 gu3 shen2
harvest God

谷神星 穀神星 gu3 shen2 xing1
Ceres, dwarf planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, discovered in 1801 by G. Piazzi

鬼斧神工 鬼斧神工 gui3 fu3 shen2 gong1
supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods; uncanny workmanship; superlative craftsmanship

鬼神 鬼神 gui3 shen2
supernatural beings

鬼使神差 鬼使神差 gui3 shi3 shen2 chai1
demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence

海神 海神 hai3 shen2
Emperor of the Sea; Neptune

河神 河神 he2 shen2
river god

横神经 橫神經 heng2 shen2 jing1
transverse commissure

狐鬼神仙 狐鬼神仙 hu2 gui3 shen2 xian1
foxes, ghosts and immortals; supernatural beings, usually fictional

护法神 護法神 hu4 fa3 shen2
protector deities of Buddhist law

化腐朽为神奇 化腐朽為神奇 hua4 fu3 xiu3 wei2 shen2 qi2
lit. to change something rotten into something magical (idiom)

慌神 慌神 huang1 shen2
to get agitated; to panic

恍神 恍神 huang3 shen2
to be off in another world; to suffer a lapse in concentration

婚神星 婚神星 hun1 shen2 xing1
Ceres, an asteroid

活神仙似 活神仙似 huo2 shen2 xian1 si4
to live like the immortals (advertising real estate)

火神 火神 huo3 shen2
God of fire; Vulcan

基底神经节孙损伤 基底神經節孫損傷 ji1 di3 shen2 jing1 jie2 sun1 sun3 shang1
basal ganglia lesions

脊骨神经医学 脊骨神經醫學 ji3 gu3 shen2 jing1 yi1 xue2

交感神经 交感神經 jiao1 gan3 shen2 jing1
sympathetic nervous system

精气神 精氣神 jing1 qi4 shen2
the three energies of Chinese medicine: 精, 氣|气, and 神

精神 精神 jing1 shen2
spirit; mind; consciousness; thought; mental; psychological; essence; gist

精神百倍 精神百倍 jing1 shen2 bai3 bei4
lit. vitality a hundredfold (idiom); refreshed; one's vigor thoroughly restored

精神饱满 精神飽滿 jing1 shen2 bao3 man3
full of vigor (idiom); lively; in high spirits

精神崩溃 精神崩潰 jing1 shen2 beng1 kui4
nervous breakdown

精神病 精神病 jing1 shen2 bing4
mental disorder; psychosis

精神病患 精神病患 jing1 shen2 bing4 huan4
mental illness

精神病学 精神病學 jing1 shen2 bing4 xue2

精神病医院 精神病醫院 jing1 shen2 bing4 yi1 yuan4
psychiatric hospital

精神财富 精神財富 jing1 shen2 cai2 fu4
spiritual wealth

精神错乱 精神錯亂 jing1 shen2 cuo4 luan4

精神抖擞 精神抖擻 jing1 shen2 dou3 sou3
spirit trembling with excitement (idiom); in high spirits; lively and full of enthusiasm; full of energy; con brio

精神分裂症 精神分裂症 jing1 shen2 fen1 lie4 zheng4

精神分析 精神分析 jing1 shen2 fen1 xi1

精神官能症 精神官能症 jing1 shen2 guan1 neng2 zheng4

精神焕发 精神煥發 jing1 shen2 huan4 fa1
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor

精神恍惚 精神恍惚 jing1 shen2 huang3 hu1
absent-minded; in a trance

精神疾病 精神疾病 jing1 shen2 ji2 bing4
mental illness

精神健康 精神健康 jing1 shen2 jian4 kang1
mental health

精神科 精神科 jing1 shen2 ke1

精神狂乱 精神狂亂 jing1 shen2 kuang2 luan4
delirium; mental illness

精神疗法 精神療法 jing1 shen2 liao2 fa3
psychotherapy; mental health treatment

精神领袖 精神領袖 jing1 shen2 ling3 xiu4
spiritual leader (of a nation or church); religious leader

精神满腹 精神滿腹 jing1 shen2 man3 fu4
full of wisdom (idiom); astute and widely experienced

精神生活 精神生活 jing1 shen2 sheng1 huo2
spiritual or moral life

精神衰弱 精神衰弱 jing1 shen2 shuai1 ruo4
psychasthenia; obsessive-compulsive disorder

精神文明 精神文明 jing1 shen2 wen2 ming2
spiritual culture

精神性 精神性 jing1 shen2 xing4
spirituality; mental; nervous; psychogenic

精神性厌食症 精神性厭食症 jing1 shen2 xing4 yan4 shi2 zheng4
anorexia nervosa

精神学 精神學 jing1 shen2 xue2

精神学家 精神學家 jing1 shen2 xue2 jia1

精神训话 精神訓話 jing1 shen2 xun4 hua4
pep talk

精神药物 精神藥物 jing1 shen2 yao4 wu4
psychotropic drugs

精神奕奕 精神奕奕 jing1 shen2 yi4 yi4
in great spirits; to have great vitality

精神支柱 精神支柱 jing1 shen2 zhi1 zhu4
moral pillars; spiritual props

精神状态 精神狀態 jing1 shen2 zhuang4 tai4
mental state; psychological condition

精神 精神 jing1 shen5
vigor; vitality; drive; spiritual

敬鬼神而远之 敬鬼神而遠之 jing4 gui3 shen2 er2 yuan3 zhi1
to respect Gods and demons from a distance (idiom); to remain at a respectful distance

靖国神社 靖國神社 jing4 guo2 shen2 she4
Yasukuni Shrine, Shinto shrine in Tokyo to Japanese war dead, controversial as burial ground of several Class A war criminals

敬若神明 敬若神明 jing4 ruo4 shen2 ming2
to hold sb in the same regard as one would a god (idiom)

敬神 敬神 jing4 shen2
to respect a deity; to pray to a God

炯炯有神 炯炯有神 jiong3 jiong3 you3 shen2
eyes bright and full of expression

酒神 酒神 jiu3 shen2
the Wine God; Bacchus

聚精会神 聚精會神 ju4 jing1 hui4 shen2
to concentrate one's attention (idiom)

抗精神病 抗精神病 kang4 jing1 shen2 bing4
antipsychotic (drug)

来神 來神 lai2 shen2
to become spirited

劳神 勞神 lao2 shen2
to be a tax on (one's mind); to bother; to trouble; to be concerned

老神在在 老神在在 lao3 shen2 zai4 zai4
calm; unperturbed; (Taiwanese, POJ pr. )

雷神公司 雷神公司 lei2 shen2 gong1 si1
Raytheon Company, US defense contractor

雷神之锤 雷神之錘 lei2 shen2 zhi1 chui2
Quake (video game series)

类精神分裂型人格违常 類精神分裂型人格違常 lei4 jing1 shen2 fen1 lie4 xing2 ren2 ge2 wei2 chang2
schizoid personality disorder (SPD)

愣神儿 愣神兒 leng4 shen2 er5
to stare blankly; to be in a daze

理神论 理神論 li3 shen2 lun4
deism, theological theory of God who does not interfere in the Universe

力尽神危 力盡神危 li4 jin4 shen2 wei1
totally exhausted as result of overexertion (idiom)

料事如神 料事如神 liao4 shi4 ru2 shen2
to prophesy with supernatural accuracy (idiom); to have an incredible foresight

留神 留神 liu2 shen2
to take care; to be careful

六神 六神 liu4 shen2
the six spirits that rule the vital organs (heart 心, lungs 肺, liver 肝, kidneys 腎|肾, spleen 脾 and gall bladder 膽|胆)

六神无主 六神無主 liu4 shen2 wu2 zhu3
out of one's wits (idiom); distracted; stunned

龙马精神 龍馬精神 long2 ma3 jing1 shen2
old but still full of vitality (idiom)

洛神花 洛神花 luo4 shen2 hua1
roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

貌合神离 貌合神離 mao4 he2 shen2 li2
the appearance of unity, but divided at heart (idiom); seeming harmony belies underlying disagreement

美神 美神 mei3 shen2
Goddess of beauty

门神 門神 men2 shen2
door god

迷走神经 迷走神經 mi2 zou3 shen2 jing1
vagus nerve

末梢神经 末梢神經 mo4 shao1 shen2 jing1
peripheral nerve

牧神 牧神 mu4 shen2
shepherd God; faun; Pan in Greek mythology

牧神节 牧神節 mu4 shen2 jie2
Lupercalia, Roman festival to Pan on 15th February

牧神午后 牧神午後 mu4 shen2 wu3 hou4
Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, by Claude Debussy based on poem by Stéphane Mallarmé

目眩神迷 目眩神迷 mu4 xuan4 shen2 mi2
to be dazzled and stunned (idiom)

男神 男神 nan2 shen2
Mr Perfect; Adonis; Prince Charming

脑神经 腦神經 nao3 shen2 jing1
cranial nerves

凝神 凝神 ning2 shen2
with rapt attention

牛鬼蛇神 牛鬼蛇神 niu2 gui3 she2 shen2
evil monsters; (fig.) bad characters; (political) bad elements

傩神 儺神 nuo2 shen2
exorcising God; God who drives away plague and evil spirits

女神 女神 nv3 shen2
goddess; nymph

女神蛤 女神蛤 nv3 shen2 ge2
geoduck (Panopea abrupta); elephant trunk clam; same as 象拔蚌

女武神 女武神 nv3 wu3 shen2

帕德嫩神庙 帕德嫩神廟 pa4 de2 nen4 shen2 miao4
Parthenon Temple on the Acropolis, Athens (Tw)

帕台农神庙 帕台農神廟 pa4 tai2 nong2 shen2 miao4
Parthenon Temple on the Acropolis, Athens

帕提侬神庙 帕提儂神廟 pa4 ti2 nong2 shen2 miao4
the Parthenon, Athens

跑神儿 跑神兒 pao3 shen2 er5
absent-minded; one's mind is wandering

平安神宫 平安神宮 ping2 an1 shen2 gong1
Heian Jingū or Heian Shrine, in Kyōto, Japan

气定神闲 氣定神閒 qi4 ding4 shen2 xian2
calm and composed (idiom)

契约精神 契約精神 qi4 yue1 jing1 shen2
culture of honoring contractual obligations

钱可通神 錢可通神 qian2 ke3 tong1 shen2
with money, you can do anything (idiom); money talks

钱能通神 錢能通神 qian2 neng2 tong1 shen2
money is all-powerful; money can move God

潜神默记 潛神默記 qian2 shen2 mo4 ji4
to devote oneself to a task in silence (idiom)

青神 青神 qing1 shen2
Qingshen County in Meishan 眉山市, Sichuan

青神县 青神縣 qing1 shen2 xian4
Qingshen County in Meishan 眉山市, Sichuan

请神容易送神难 請神容易送神難 qing3 shen2 rong2 yi4 song4 shen2 nan2
it's easier to invite the devil in than to send him away

全神灌注 全神灌注 quan2 shen2 guan4 zhu4
variant of 全神貫注|全神贯注

全神贯注 全神貫注 quan2 shen2 guan4 zhu4
to concentrate one's attention completely (idiom); with rapt attention

人格神 人格神 ren2 ge2 shen2
personal God; anthropomorphic God

忍者神龟 忍者神龜 ren3 zhe3 shen2 gui1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, US comic book series, first appeared in 1984, also films, video games etc

认知神经心理学 認知神經心理學 ren4 zhi1 shen2 jing1 xin1 li3 xue2
cognitive neuropsychology

日神 日神 ri4 shen2
the Sun God; Apollo

入神 入神 ru4 shen2
to be enthralled; to be entranced

三叉神经 三叉神經 san1 cha1 shen2 jing1
trigeminal nerve

丧门神 喪門神 sang1 men2 shen2
messenger of death (cf Irish banshee); person bringing bad luck

煞神 煞神 sha4 shen2
demon; fiend

山神 山神 shan1 shen2
mountain god

神爱世人 神愛世人 shen2 ai4 shi4 ren2
the gods love the common people (idiom)

神奥 神奧 shen2 ao4
mysterious; an enigma

神笔 神筆 shen2 bi3
lit. divine pen; fig. outstanding writing

神不守舍 神不守捨 shen2 bu4 shou3 she4
abstracted; drifting off; restless

神不知鬼不觉 神不知鬼不覺 shen2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
top secret; hush-hush

神采 神采 shen2 cai3
expression; spirit; vigor

神采飞扬 神采飛揚 shen2 cai3 fei1 yang2
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor

神采奕奕 神采奕奕 shen2 cai3 yi4 yi4
in glowing spirits (idiom); bursting with life; radiating health and vigor

神差鬼使 神差鬼使 shen2 chai1 gui3 shi3
the work of gods and devils (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence

神成为人 神成為人 shen2 cheng2 wei2 ren2
God became man

神池 神池 shen2 chi2
Shenchi county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi

神池县 神池縣 shen2 chi2 xian4
Shenchi county in Xinzhou 忻州, Shanxi

神出鬼没 神出鬼沒 shen2 chu1 gui3 mo4
lit. Gods appear and devils vanish (idiom); to appear and disappear unpredictably; to change rapidly

神祠 神祠 shen2 ci2

神道 神道 shen2 dao4
Shinto (Japanese religion)

神的儿子 神的兒子 shen2 de5 er2 zi5
the Son of God

神殿 神殿 shen2 dian4

神雕侠侣 神鵰俠侶 shen2 diao1 xia2 lv3
The Return of the Condor Heroes (classic wuxia martial arts TV films of 1998 and 2006 based on novel by Jinyong 金庸)

神雕侠侣 神雕俠侶 shen2 diao1 xia2 lv3
The Return of the Condor Heroes (classic wuxia martial arts TV films of 1998 and 2006 based on novel by Jinyong 金庸); variant of 神鵰俠侶|神雕侠侣

神风特攻队 神風特攻隊 shen2 feng1 te4 gong1 dui4
kamikaze unit (Japanese corps of suicide pilots in World War II)

神风突击队 神風突擊隊 shen2 feng1 tu1 ji1 dui4
kamikaze unit (Japanese corps of suicide pilots in World War II)

神佛 神佛 shen2 fo2
Gods and Buddhas

神父 神父 shen2 fu5
Christian priest or clergyman; (spiritual) father

神甫 神甫 shen2 fu5
variant of 神父

神冈 神岡 shen2 gang1
Shenkang township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县, Taiwan

神冈乡 神岡鄉 shen2 gang1 xiang1
Shenkang township in Taichung county 臺中縣|台中县, Taiwan

神格 神格 shen2 ge2

神功 神功 shen2 gong1
miracle; remarkable feat

神工鬼斧 神工鬼斧 shen2 gong1 gui3 fu3
supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods; uncanny workmanship; superlative craftsmanship

神怪 神怪 shen2 guai4
spirits and devils (usually harmful); demon

神汉 神漢 shen2 han4

神乎其技 神乎其技 shen2 hu1 qi2 ji4
(idiom) brilliant; extremely skillful; virtuosic

神户 神戶 shen2 hu4
Kōbe, major Japanese port near Ōsaka

神话 神話 shen2 hua4
legend; fairy tale; myth; mythology

神化 神化 shen2 hua4
to make divine; apotheosis

神话故事 神話故事 shen2 hua4 gu4 shi5
mythological story; myth

神魂 神魂 shen2 hun2
mind; state of mind (often abnormal)

神魂颠倒 神魂顛倒 shen2 hun2 dian1 dao3
lit. spirit and soul upside down (idiom); infatuated and head over heels in love; fascinated; captivated

神机妙算 神機妙算 shen2 ji1 miao4 suan4
divine strategy and wonderful planning (idiom); clever scheme; supremely clever in his schemes

神迹 神跡 shen2 ji4

神家园 神家園 shen2 jia1 yuan2
spiritual home

神交 神交 shen2 jiao1
soul brothers; friends in spirit who have never met; to commune with

神经 神經 shen2 jing1
nerve; mental state; (coll.) unhinged; nutjob

神经氨酸酶 神經氨酸酶 shen2 jing1 an1 suan1 mei2
neuraminidase (the N of virus such as bird flu H5N1)

神经病 神經病 shen2 jing1 bing4
mental disorder; neuropathy; (derog.) mental case

神经大条 神經大條 shen2 jing1 da4 tiao2
thick-skinned; insensitive

神经毒素 神經毒素 shen2 jing1 du2 su4

神经官能症 神經官能症 shen2 jing1 guan1 neng2 zheng4

神经管 神經管 shen2 jing1 guan3
neural tube (embryology)

神经过敏 神經過敏 shen2 jing1 guo4 min3
jumpy; nervous; oversensitive

神经胶质 神經膠質 shen2 jing1 jiao1 zhi4
glial cell; neuroglia

神经胶质细胞 神經膠質細胞 shen2 jing1 jiao1 zhi4 xi4 bao1
glial cell (provide support to neuron); neuroglia

神经科 神經科 shen2 jing1 ke1

神经生物学 神經生物學 shen2 jing1 sheng1 wu4 xue2

神经失常 神經失常 shen2 jing1 shi1 chang2
mental aberration; nervous abnormality

神经衰弱 神經衰弱 shen2 jing1 shuai1 ruo4
(euphemism) mental illness; psychasthenia

神经索 神經索 shen2 jing1 suo3
nerve cord

神经痛 神經痛 shen2 jing1 tong4
neuralgia (medicine)

神经突 神經突 shen2 jing1 tu1
nerve process

神经外科 神經外科 shen2 jing1 wai4 ke1

神经网 神經網 shen2 jing1 wang3
neural net

神经网路 神經網路 shen2 jing1 wang3 lu4
neural network (artificial or biological)

神经网络 神經網絡 shen2 jing1 wang3 luo4
neural network

神经细胞 神經細胞 shen2 jing1 xi4 bao1
nerve cell; neuron

神经系统 神經系統 shen2 jing1 xi4 tong3
nervous system

神经纤维 神經纖維 shen2 jing1 xian1 wei2

神经纤维瘤 神經纖維瘤 shen2 jing1 xian1 wei2 liu2

神经性 神經性 shen2 jing1 xing4
neural; mental; neurological

神经性毒剂 神經性毒劑 shen2 jing1 xing4 du2 ji4
nerve agent; nerve gas

神经性视损伤 神經性視損傷 shen2 jing1 xing4 shi4 sun3 shang1
neurological visual impairment (NVI)

神经学 神經學 shen2 jing1 xue2

神经学家 神經學家 shen2 jing1 xue2 jia1

神经元 神經元 shen2 jing1 yuan2

神经原 神經原 shen2 jing1 yuan2
neuron; also written 神經元|神经元

神经元网 神經元網 shen2 jing1 yuan2 wang3
neural network

神经症 神經症 shen2 jing1 zheng4

神经质 神經質 shen2 jing1 zhi4
nervous; on edge; excitable; neurotic

神龛 神龕 shen2 kan1
shrine; niche; household shrine

神枯 神枯 shen2 ku1
spiritual desolation

神劳形瘁 神勞形瘁 shen2 lao2 xing2 cui4
to be completely drained both emotionally and physically (idiom)

神力 神力 shen2 li4
occult force; the power of a God or spirit

神灵 神靈 shen2 ling2
god; spirit; demon; occult or supernatural entities in general

神龙汽车 神龍汽車 shen2 long2 qi4 che1
Dongfeng Peugeot Citroën Automobile Company Ltd

神马 神馬 shen2 ma3
mythical horse; Internet slang for 什麼|什么

神秘 神秘 shen2 mi4
mysterious; mystery

神秘莫测 神祕莫測 shen2 mi4 mo4 ce4
mystery; unfathomable; enigmatic

神秘主义 神秘主義 shen2 mi4 zhu3 yi4

神妙 神妙 shen2 miao4
marvelous; wondrous

神庙 神廟 shen2 miao4
temple (nonspecific)

神妙隽美 神妙雋美 shen2 miao4 juan4 mei3
outstanding and elegant; remarkable and refined

神明 神明 shen2 ming2
deities; gods

神魔小说 神魔小說 shen2 mo2 xiao3 shuo1
supernatural novel; novel of ghosts and goblins

神木 神木 shen2 mu4
Shenmu County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi

神木县 神木縣 shen2 mu4 xian4
Shenmu County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi

神奈川 神奈川 shen2 nai4 chuan1
Kanagawa, Japan

神奈川县 神奈川縣 shen2 nai4 chuan1 xian4
Kanagawa prefecture, Japan

神鸟 神鳥 shen2 niao3
supernatural bird

神农 神農 shen2 nong2
Shennong or Farmer God (c. 2000 BC), first of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝 and creator of agriculture

神农本草经 神農本草經 shen2 nong2 ben3 cao3 jing1
Shennong's Compendium of Materia Medica, a Han dynasty pharmacological compendium, 3 scrolls

神农架 神農架 shen2 nong2 jia4
Shennongjialin, directly administered forestry reserve in east Hubei

神农架地区 神農架地區 shen2 nong2 jia4 di4 qu1
Shennongjialin, directly administered forestry reserve in east Hubei

神农架林区 神農架林區 shen2 nong2 jia4 lin2 qu1
Shennongjialin, directly administered forestry reserve in east Hubei

神农氏 神農氏 shen2 nong2 shi4
Shennong or Farmer God (c. 2000 BC), first of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝 and creator of agriculture in China; followers or clan of Shennong 神農|神农

神女 神女 shen2 nv3
The Goddess, 1934 silent film about a Shanghai prostitute, directed by 吳永剛|吴永刚

神女 神女 shen2 nv3
goddess; prostitute (slang)

神女峰 神女峰 shen2 nv3 feng1
name of a peak by the Three Gorges 長江三峽|长江三峡

神女有心,襄王无梦 神女有心,襄王無夢 shen2 nv3 you3 xin1 - xiang1 wang2 wu2 meng4
lit. the fairy is willing, but King Xiang doesn't dream (idiom); (said of a woman's unrequited love)

神谱 神譜 shen2 pu3
list of Gods and Immortals; pantheon

神奇 神奇 shen2 qi2
magical; mystical; miraculous

神祇 神祇 shen2 qi2

神奇宝贝 神奇寶貝 shen2 qi2 bao3 bei4
Pokémon or Pocket Monsters, popular Japanese video game, anime and manga

神气 神氣 shen2 qi4
expression; manner; vigorous; impressive; lofty; pretentious

神情 神情 shen2 qing2
look; expression

神曲 神曲 shen2 qu1
medicated leaven (used in TCM to treat indigestion)

神曲 神曲 shen2 qu3
The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri 但丁

神权 神權 shen2 quan2
divine right (of kings)

神权统治 神權統治 shen2 quan2 tong3 zhi4

神权政治 神權政治 shen2 quan2 zheng4 zhi4

神人 神人 shen2 ren2
God; deity

神色 神色 shen2 se4
expression; look

神山 神山 shen2 shan1
sacred mountain

神伤 神傷 shen2 shang1
depressed; dispirited; dejected

神社 神社 shen2 she4

神圣 神聖 shen2 sheng4
divine; hallow; holy; sacred

神圣不可侵犯 神聖不可侵犯 shen2 sheng4 bu4 ke3 qin1 fan4
sacred; inviolable

神圣罗马帝国 神聖羅馬帝國 shen2 sheng4 luo2 ma3 di4 guo2
the Holy Roman Empire (history)

神圣周 神聖週 shen2 sheng4 zhou1
Holy week; Easter week (esp. Catholic)

神兽 神獸 shen2 shou4
mythological animal

神思 神思 shen2 si1
state of mind

神思恍惚 神思恍惚 shen2 si1 huang3 hu1
abstracted; absent-minded; in a trance

神似 神似 shen2 si4
similar in expression and spirit; to bear a remarkable resemblance to

神速 神速 shen2 su4
lightning speed; amazingly rapid; incredible pace of development

神髓 神髓 shen2 sui3
lit. spirit and marrow; the essential character

神态 神態 shen2 tai4
appearance; manner; bearing; deportment; look; expression; mien

神探 神探 shen2 tan4
master sleuth; lit. miraculous detective; cf Sherlock Holmes 福爾摩斯|福尔摩斯 or Di Renjie 狄仁傑|狄仁杰

神体 神體 shen2 ti3

神通 神通 shen2 tong1
remarkable ability; magical power

神通广大 神通廣大 shen2 tong1 guang3 da4
to possess great magical power; to possess remarkable abilities

神童 神童 shen2 tong2
child prodigy

神往 神往 shen2 wang3
to be fascinated; to be rapt; to long for; to dream of

神慰 神慰 shen2 wei4
spiritual consolation

神位 神位 shen2 wei4
spirit tablet; ancestral tablet

神仙 神仙 shen2 xian1
Daoist immortal; supernatural entity; (in modern fiction) fairy, elf, leprechaun etc; fig. lighthearted person

神像 神像 shen2 xiang4
image of a God

神性 神性 shen2 xing4

神学 神學 shen2 xue2
theological; theology

神学家 神學家 shen2 xue2 jia1

神学士 神學士 shen2 xue2 shi4
student of theology; Bachelor of Divinity; Taleban (Farsi: student)

神学研究所 神學研究所 shen2 xue2 yan2 jiu1 suo3

神学院 神學院 shen2 xue2 yuan4

神异 神異 shen2 yi4
magical; miraculous; mystical

神游 神游 shen2 you2
to go on a mental journey

神舆 神輿 shen2 yu2
mikoshi (Japanese portable Shinto shrine)

神谕 神諭 shen2 yu4

神韵 神韻 shen2 yun4
charm or grace (in poetry or art)

神造论 神造論 shen2 zao4 lun4

神职 神職 shen2 zhi2
clergy; clerical

神职人员 神職人員 shen2 zhi2 ren2 yuan2
clergy; cleric

神志 神志 shen2 zhi4
consciousness; state of mind; compos mentis

神智 神智 shen2 zhi4
mind; wisdom; consciousness

神治 神治 shen2 zhi4
theocratic; theocracy

神志不清 神志不清 shen2 zhi4 bu4 qing1
to be delirious; to be mentally confused

神治国 神治國 shen2 zhi4 guo2
theocracy; also written 神權統治|神权统治 or 神權政治|神权政治

神志昏迷 神志昏迷 shen2 zhi4 hun1 mi2
to be in a state of delirium

神舟 神舟 shen2 zhou1
Shenzhou (spacecraft); Hasee (computer manufacturer)

神州 神州 shen2 zhou1
old name for China

神舟电脑 神舟電腦 shen2 zhou1 dian4 nao3
Hasee (computer manufacturer)

神舟号飞船 神舟號飛船 shen2 zhou1 hao4 fei1 chuan2
Shenzhou (spacecraft)

神祖 神祖 shen2 zu3

圣神 聖神 sheng4 shen2
feudal term of praise for ruler, king or emperor; general term for saint in former times; term for God during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom 太平天國|太平天国; Holy Spirit (in Christian Trinity)

圣神降临 聖神降臨 sheng4 shen2 jiang4 lin2
Whit Sunday (Christian Festival celebrating the Holy Spirit)

圣神降临周 聖神降臨週 sheng4 shen2 jiang4 lin2 zhou1

失神 失神 shi1 shen2
absent-minded; to lose spirit; despondent

十大神兽 十大神獸 shi2 da4 shen2 shou4
the Baidu 10 mythical creatures (a set of hoax animals and puns linked to PRC Internet censorship)

视神经 視神經 shi4 shen2 jing1
optic nerve

视神经盘 視神經盤 shi4 shen2 jing1 pan2
optic disk (terminal of the optic nerve on the retina)

视神经乳头 視神經乳頭 shi4 shen2 jing1 ru3 tou2
optic disk (terminal of the optic nerve on the retina)

守护神 守護神 shou3 hu4 shen2
protector God; patron saint

水神 水神 shui3 shen2
river God

死神 死神 si3 shen2
mythological figure (such as the Grim Reaper) in charge of taking the souls of those who die; (fig.) death

祀神 祀神 si4 shen2
to offer sacrifices to the gods

搜神记 搜神記 sou1 shen2 ji4
In Search of the Supernatural, compilation of legends about spirits, ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, written and compiled by 干寶|干宝 in Jin dynasty

太阳神 太陽神 tai4 yang2 shen2
Sun God; Apollo

太阳神计划 太陽神計劃 tai4 yang2 shen2 ji4 hua4
the Apollo project

太阳神经丛 太陽神經叢 tai4 yang2 shen2 jing1 cong2
solar plexus chakra

淘神 淘神 tao2 shen2
troublesome; bothersome

提起精神 提起精神 ti2 qi3 jing1 shen5
to raise one's spirits; to take courage

提神 提神 ti2 shen2
to freshen up; to be cautious or vigilant; to watch out; stimulant to enhance mental performance; stay-awake drug; agrypnotic

提神剂 提神劑 ti2 shen2 ji4
stimulant; psychostimulant; agrypnotic

提神醒脑 提神醒腦 ti2 shen2 xing3 nao3
to refresh and clear the mind (idiom); invigorating; bracing

天神 天神 tian1 shen2
god; deity

土神 土神 tu3 shen2
earth God

团队精神 團隊精神 tuan2 dui4 jing1 shen2
group mentality; collectivism; solidarity; team spirit

瘟神 瘟神 wen1 shen2
demon personifying pestilence

无神论 無神論 wu2 shen2 lun4

无神论者 無神論者 wu2 shen2 lun4 zhe3

五瘟神 五瘟神 wu3 wen1 shen2
five chief demons of folklore personifying pestilence; cf four horsemen of the apocalypse

物质文明和精神文明 物質文明和精神文明 wu4 zhi4 wen2 ming2 he2 jing1 shen2 wen2 ming2
material and spiritual culture; matter and mind; material progress, ideology and culture (philosophic slogan, adopted into Deng Xiaoping theory from 1978)

希腊神话 希臘神話 xi1 la4 shen2 hua4
Greek mythology

希神 希神 xi1 shen2
Greek mythology; abbr. for 希臘神話|希腊神话

亵渎神明 褻瀆神明 xie4 du2 shen2 ming2
to blaspheme; to commit sacrilege

心安神闲 心安神閑 xin1 an1 shen2 xian2
with one's heart at ease and one's spirit at rest (idiom)

心驰神往 心馳神往 xin1 chi2 shen2 wang3
one's thoughts fly to a longed-for place or person; to long for; infatuated; fascinated

心荡神驰 心蕩神馳 xin1 dang4 shen2 chi2
to be infatuated with

心旷神怡 心曠神怡 xin1 kuang4 shen2 yi2
lit. heart untroubled, spirit pleased (idiom); carefree and relaxed

心领神会 心領神會 xin1 ling3 shen2 hui4
to understand tacitly (idiom); to know intuitively; to understand thoroughly

心领神悟 心領神悟 xin1 ling3 shen2 wu4
to understand tacitly (idiom); to know intuitively; to understand thoroughly

心神 心神 xin1 shen2
mind; state of mind; attention; (Chinese medicine) psychic constitution

心神不安 心神不安 xin1 shen2 bu4 an1
to feel ill at ease

心神不宁 心神不寧 xin1 shen2 bu4 ning2
to feel ill at ease

心神不属 心神不屬 xin1 shen2 bu4 zhu3
see 心不在焉

心神恍惚 心神恍惚 xin1 shen2 huang3 hu1
perturbed (idiom)

心神专注 心神專註 xin1 shen2 zhuan1 zhu4
to concentrate one's attention; to be fully focused

心醉神迷 心醉神迷 xin1 zui4 shen2 mi2
ecstatic; enraptured

信神者 信神者 xin4 shen2 zhe3
a believer

形神 形神 xing2 shen2
body and soul; physical and spiritual; material form and internal spirit

凶神 兇神 xiong1 shen2
demon; fiend

凶神恶煞 兇神惡煞 xiong1 shen2 e4 sha4
fiends (idiom); devils and monsters

雅拉神山 雅拉神山 ya3 la1 shen2 shan1
Mt Yarla Shampo, in Dawu County 道孚縣|道孚县, Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Sichuan

雅拉香波神山 雅拉香波神山 ya3 la1 xiang1 bo1 shen2 shan1
Mt Yarla Shampo, in Dawu County 道孚縣|道孚县, Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Sichuan

严岛神社 嚴島神社 yan2 dao3 shen2 she4
Itsukujima shrine in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan

眼神 眼神 yan3 shen2
expression or emotion showing in one's eyes; meaningful glance; wink; eyesight (dialect)

眼神不好 眼神不好 yan3 shen2 bu4 hao3
to have poor eyesight

眼神不济 眼神不濟 yan3 shen2 bu4 ji4
to have poor eyesight

养神 養神 yang3 shen2
to rest; to recuperate; to regain composure

夜神仙 夜神仙 ye4 shen2 xian1
night owl; late sleeper

一神教 一神教 yi1 shen2 jiao4
monotheism (belief in a single God)

一神论 一神論 yi1 shen2 lun4
monotheism; unitarianism (denying the Trinity)

疑神疑鬼 疑神疑鬼 yi2 shen2 yi2 gui3
to suspect everyone; overly suspicious

迎神赛会 迎神賽會 ying2 shen2 sai4 hui4
folk festival, esp. involving shrine or image of God

悠然神往 悠然神往 you1 ran2 shen2 wang3
thoughts wandering far away

有精神病 有精神病 you3 jing1 shen2 bing4

有神论 有神論 you3 shen2 lun4
theism (the belief in the existence of God)

有神论者 有神論者 you3 shen2 lun4 zhe3
theist (believer in one or more Deities)

元神 元神 yuan2 shen2
primordial spirit; fundamental essence of life

月亮女神号 月亮女神號 yue4 liang5 nv3 shen2 hao4
SELENE, Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft, launched in 2007

月女神 月女神 yue4 nv3 shen2
Moon Goddess

运神 運神 yun4 shen2
to concentrate; to think what you're doing

灶神 灶神 zao4 shen2
Zaoshen, the god of the kitchen

灶神星 灶神星 zao4 shen2 xing1
Vesta, an asteroid, second most massive object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, discovered in 1807 by H.W. Olbers

真神 真神 zhen1 shen2
the True God

怔神儿 怔神兒 zheng1 shen2 er5
lost in thought; in a daze

智神星 智神星 zhi4 shen2 xing1
Pallas, an asteroid, discovered in 1802 by H.W. Olbers

中间神经元 中間神經元 zhong1 jian1 shen2 jing1 yuan2

中枢神经系统 中樞神經系統 zhong1 shu1 shen2 jing1 xi4 tong3
central nervous system, CNS

装神弄鬼 裝神弄鬼 zhuang1 shen2 nong4 gui3
lit. dress up as God, play the devil (idiom); fig. to mystify; to deceive people; to scam

自律神经系统 自律神經系統 zi4 lv4 shen2 jing1 xi4 tong3
autonomic nervous system

自拍神器 自拍神器 zi4 pai1 shen2 qi4
selfie stick

自然神论 自然神論 zi4 ran2 shen2 lun4
deism, theological theory of God who does not interfere in the Universe

自由女神像 自由女神像 zi4 you2 nv3 shen2 xiang4
Statue of Liberty

自由神像 自由神像 zi4 you2 shen2 xiang4
Statue of Liberty

自主神经系统 自主神經系統 zi4 zhu3 shen2 jing1 xi4 tong3
autonomic nervous system

纵神经索 縱神經索 zong4 shen2 jing1 suo3
longitudinal nerve cord

走神 走神 zou3 shen2
absent-minded; one's mind is wandering

走神儿 走神兒 zou3 shen2 er5
absent-minded; one's mind is wandering

坐骨神经 坐骨神經 zuo4 gu3 shen2 jing1
sciatic nerve

坐骨神经痛 坐骨神經痛 zuo4 gu3 shen2 jing1 tong4