variant of 煮

to cook; to boil

strokes 12
strokes after radical 8
焚琴煮鹤 焚琴煮鶴 fen2 qin2 zhu3 he4
lit. to burn zithers and cook cranes; fig. to waste valuable resources; to destroy wantonly beautiful things

关东煮 關東煮 guan1 dong1 zhu3
oden, Japanese dish made with boiled eggs, processed fish cakes, daikon radish, tofu etc in a kelp-based broth

家庭煮夫 家庭煮夫 jia1 ting2 zhu3 fu1

烹煮 烹煮 peng1 zhu3
to cook; to boil

烧煮 燒煮 shao1 zhu3
to cook

生米煮成熟饭 生米煮成熟飯 sheng1 mi3 zhu3 cheng2 shu2 fan4
the rice is cooked; what's done is done; it's too late to change anything now (idiom)

水煮蛋 水煮蛋 shui3 zhu3 dan4
boiled egg; soft-boiled egg

水煮鱼 水煮魚 shui3 zhu3 yu2
Sichuan poached sliced fish in hot chili oil

煮蛋 煮蛋 zhu3 dan4
boiled egg

煮蛋计时器 煮蛋計時器 zhu3 dan4 ji4 shi2 qi4
egg timer

煮豆燃萁 煮豆燃萁 zhu3 dou4 ran2 qi2
burning beanstalks to cook the beans (idiom); to cause internecine strife

煮法 煮法 zhu3 fa3
cooking method

煮饭 煮飯 zhu3 fan4
to cook

煮沸 煮沸 zhu3 fei4
to boil

煮锅 煮鍋 zhu3 guo1
cooking pot

煮开 煮開 zhu3 kai1
to boil (food)

煮熟 煮熟 zhu3 shou2
to boil thoroughly; to cook thoroughly

煮硬 煮硬 zhu3 ying4
to hard-boil (eggs)