to play; to have fun; to trifle with; toy; sth used for amusement; curio or antique (Taiwan pr. ); to keep sth for entertainment

variant of 玩; Taiwan pr.

strokes 8
strokes after radical 4
爱游玩 愛遊玩 ai4 you2 wan2

把玩 把玩 ba3 wan2
to turn around in one's hands; to play with; to fiddle with

吃喝玩乐 吃喝玩樂 chi1 he1 wan2 le4
to eat, drink and be merry (idiom); to abandon oneself to a life of pleasure

电动玩具 電動玩具 dian4 dong4 wan2 ju4
battery-powered toy; (Tw) video game; computer game

电玩 電玩 dian4 wan2
video game

狗玩儿的 狗玩兒的 gou3 wan2 er5 de5
beast (derog.)

古玩 古玩 gu3 wan2
antique; curio

古玩店 古玩店 gu3 wan2 dian4
antique store

好玩 好玩 hao3 wan2
amusing; fun; interesting

好玩儿 好玩兒 hao3 wan2 er5
interesting; delightful; amusing

好玩 好玩 hao4 wan2
to be playful; to be fond of one's fun

开玩笑 開玩笑 kai1 wan2 xiao4
to play a joke; to make fun of; to joke

毛绒玩具 毛絨玩具 mao2 rong2 wan2 ju4
plush toy; cuddly toy

闹着玩儿 鬧著玩兒 nao4 zhe5 wan2 er5
to play games; to joke around; to play a joke on sb

拼板玩具 拼板玩具 pin1 ban3 wan2 ju4
jigsaw puzzle; wood block puzzle

拼图玩具 拼圖玩具 pin1 tu2 wan2 ju4
jigsaw puzzle

清玩 清玩 qing1 wan2
a refined and elegant object for enjoyment; curio

说着玩 說著玩 shuo1 zhe5 wan2
to say sth for fun; to be kidding; to joke around

说着玩儿 說著玩兒 shuo1 zhe5 wan2 er5
erhua variant of 說著玩|说着玩

贪玩 貪玩 tan1 wan2
to only want to have a good time; to just want to have fun, and to shy away from self-discipline

腿玩年 腿玩年 tui3 wan2 nian2
(slang) stunning legs; sexy legs

玩伴 玩伴 wan2 ban4

玩遍 玩遍 wan2 bian4
to visit (a large number of places); to tour around (the whole country, the whole city etc)

玩儿 玩兒 wan2 er5
to play; to have fun; to hang out

玩儿不转 玩兒不轉 wan2 er5 bu4 zhuan4
can't handle it; can't find any way (of doing sth); not up to the task

玩儿得转 玩兒得轉 wan2 er5 de2 zhuan4
can handle it; up to the task

玩儿花招 玩兒花招 wan2 er5 hua1 zhao1
to play tricks

玩儿坏 玩兒壞 wan2 er5 huai4
to play tricks on sb

玩儿命 玩兒命 wan2 er5 ming4
to gamble with life; to take reckless risks

玩儿票 玩兒票 wan2 er5 piao4
amateur dramatics

玩儿完 玩兒完 wan2 er5 wan2
finished; to be done with sth

玩忽 玩忽 wan2 hu1
to neglect; to trifle with; not to take seriously

玩忽职守 玩忽職守 wan2 hu1 zhi2 shou3
to neglect one's duty; dereliction of duty; malpractice

玩花招 玩花招 wan2 hua1 zhao1
to play tricks

玩话 玩話 wan2 hua4
playful talk; joking

玩火 玩火 wan2 huo3
to play with fire

玩火自焚 玩火自焚 wan2 huo3 zi4 fen2
to play with fire and get burnt (idiom); fig. to play with evil and suffer the consequences; to get one's fingers burnt

玩家 玩家 wan2 jia1
player (of a game); enthusiast (audio, model planes etc)

玩具 玩具 wan2 ju4
plaything; toy

玩具厂 玩具廠 wan2 ju4 chang3
toy factory

玩具枪 玩具槍 wan2 ju4 qiang1
toy gun

玩乐 玩樂 wan2 le4
to play around; to disport oneself

玩弄 玩弄 wan2 nong4
to play with; to toy with; to dally with; to engage in; to resort to

玩弄词藻 玩弄詞藻 wan2 nong4 ci2 zao3
to juggle with words (dishonestly); to be a hypocrite and hide behind florid rhetoric

玩偶 玩偶 wan2 ou3
toy figurine; action figure; stuffed animal; doll; (fig.) sb's plaything

玩偶之家 玩偶之家 wan2 ou3 zhi1 jia1
Doll's House (1879), drama by Ibsen 易卜生

玩牌 玩牌 wan2 pai2
to play cards; to play mahjong

玩器 玩器 wan2 qi4
elegant plaything; object to appreciate

玩人丧德 玩人喪德 wan2 ren2 sang4 de2
to play with others and offend morals; wicked

玩赏 玩賞 wan2 shang3
to appreciate; to take pleasure in; to enjoy

玩失踪 玩失蹤 wan2 shi1 zong1
to hide oneself (as a joke)

玩世不恭 玩世不恭 wan2 shi4 bu4 gong1
to trifle without respect (idiom); to despise worldly conventions; frivolous

玩手腕 玩手腕 wan2 shou3 wan4
to play tricks; to play at politics

玩耍 玩耍 wan2 shua3
to play (as children do); to amuse oneself

玩索 玩索 wan2 suo3
to search for subtle traces; to ponder

玩味 玩味 wan2 wei4
to ruminate; to ponder subtleties

玩物丧志 玩物喪志 wan2 wu4 sang4 zhi4
lit. trifling destroys the will (idiom); infatuation with fine details prevents one making progress; excessive attention to trivia saps the will

玩狎 玩狎 wan2 xia2
to trifle; to dally with; to treat casually; to jest

玩笑 玩笑 wan2 xiao4
to joke; joke; jest

玩兴 玩興 wan2 xing4
interest in dallying; in the mood for playing

玩艺 玩藝 wan2 yi4
variant of 玩意

玩意 玩意 wan2 yi4
toy; plaything; thing; act; trick (in a performance, stage show, acrobatics etc)

玩艺儿 玩藝兒 wan2 yi4 er5
variant of 玩意兒|玩意儿

玩意儿 玩意兒 wan2 yi4 er5
erhua variant of 玩意

玩阴的 玩陰的 wan2 yin1 de5
to play dirty; crafty; scheming

玩者 玩者 wan2 zhe3

小玩意 小玩意 xiao3 wan2 yi4
gadget; widget (small item of software)

雅玩 雅玩 ya3 wan2
elegant pastime; refined plaything

益智玩具 益智玩具 yi4 zhi4 wan2 ju4
educational toy

游山玩水 遊山玩水 you2 shan1 wan2 shui3
to go on a scenic tour

游玩 遊玩 you2 wan2
to amuse oneself; to have fun; to go sightseeing; to take a stroll

展玩 展玩 zhan3 wan2
to view close up; to examine and admire

智力玩具 智力玩具 zhi4 li4 wan2 ju4
educational toy