(semi-precious stone); extraordinary

old variant of 瑰

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
瑰宝 瑰寶 gui1 bao3
gem; (fig.) rare and valuable item; gem; treasure

瑰丽 瑰麗 gui1 li4
elegant; magnificent; exceptionally beautiful

瑰奇 瑰奇 gui1 qi2
magnificent; precious

瑰玮 瑰瑋 gui1 wei3
ornate (style); magnificent

瑰伟 瑰偉 gui1 wei3
ornate (style); magnificent

瑰异 瑰異 gui1 yi4
marvelous; magnificent

玫瑰 玫瑰 mei2 gui1
rugosa rose (shrub) (Rosa rugosa); rose flower

玫瑰花 玫瑰花 mei2 gui1 hua1

玫瑰星云 玫瑰星雲 mei2 gui1 xing1 yun2
Rosette nebula NGC 2237

玫瑰战争 玫瑰戰爭 mei2 gui1 zhan4 zheng1
The Wars of the Roses (1455-1485)

玫瑰念珠 玫瑰念珠 mei2 gui5 nian4 zhu1
rosary (Catholic prayer beads)

玫瑰茄 玫瑰茄 mei2 gui5 qie2
roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa)